DCT ( dual clutch transmition ) simulator


■ The order number and the product name:
V700e-DCT  DCT ( dual clutch transmition ) simulator

■ The product description:
This DCT simulator is composed of 5 units of the motor for the drive, the planetary gear, the gearbox-unit, the dual clutch ( the even-level / the reverse, the odd-level ), the cluttered engine compartment from the left of a picture.
The motor for driving is installed outside the gearbox-unit as it can do EV running.
A motor for driving is made Saint gear of the planetary gear by the intercuspation and the planetary gear has the role of 1st.
Maine shaft in the gearbox-unit case has the role of the gear of 1, 3, 5, 7th and the secondary shaft has the role of the gear of 2, 4, 6th.
Each speed paragraph can be operated by making a dual clutch continue intermittently.

The size and the weight: 980x325x200 mm  

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