Distribution type Injection pump for students

The order number  and the product name:
L050e-DI P Distribution type Injection pump modelfor students

The product description:
It is the solid model which is for students to explain the actuation of the plunger of the fuel-system, the distribution configuration injection pump ( the VE configuration ) which is used for the small diesel engine.
The plunger body can understand the actuation and the construction of the distribution configuration injection pump easily to be using a light timber ( the jelutong material ) and that it is possible to move by having easily with the hand and also to be colored by the cutout.
The description to be supplying a fuel to each barrel cylinder with one plunger can be at a glance understood.

Plunger full diameter of screw Plunger Outer diameter: 50
Length: 240 mm
Size Weight:   240 x 75x 75 mm  0.8 kg

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