Diesel engine

■ The order number and the product name:
V031e-DEM  Diesel engine model

■ The product description:
It is reproduced with the cluttered engine compartment with 4 journeys of the " inhalation " " compression " " explosion " " exhaust " which change in the motor drive which are the basic action of the diesel engine.
The plunger pump which operates at the same time, too, is installed and the contact-breaker-cam, the plunger, the delivery valve of the bulk-injection pump, too, are connected.
Also, it is possible for the position of the notch of the plunger, too, to change.
It uses a metal component for the piston and the valve and so on and it is made the finish which is nearer the cluttered engine compartment of the real thing.
This cluttered engine compartment model can observe the operation of the function of the contact-breaker-cam inside, the opening and shutting of a valve, the piston brake-bell-crank and so on from 360 degrees, any angle because of the one where a distributor-body brake shield, front part is made from transparent acrylic fiber.
Saying a fuel " is jetted out ", the white LED lights up and lights up an intercylinder brake shield, front part from the plunger pump.

The size and the weight: 340 x 220×180  mm  3s
The electric-source: 100 V (The power can be changed.) AC ( For the LED The two double-A-battery use )

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