Operation model of the plunger(5 type)

The order number and the product name:
P151e-PLG  Operation model of the plunger(5 type)

The product description:
It is a mock-up in the plunger brake shield, front part which is used for the fuel injection pump of the diesel engine.
The plunger-barrel which is made from five kinds of plungers with different kind and one piece of transparent acrylic fiber makes one set.
The opening-at-the-drive of the fuel injection which depends on the kind can be explained.
The product contents: The plunger body
The kind: 1. The arm cover, right volume control edge,
2. counterclockwise control edge, 3. opposite control edge
4. The upper and lower helix lead, the 5. curve control edge
The plunger-barrel
The size :  470 ( length ) mm x 80 ( the cutting diameter )
The weight: 4s
The size: About 110 ( the cutting diameter )mm ~ 350 ( The length )
The weight: 2s

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