Clutch and transmition

■ The order number and the product name:
V041e-TMN  Clutch and transmition

■ The product description:
It is a gear of three stages of forward movements, the gearbox-unit of one stage of sternways and the operation model of the clutch.
From the cluttered engine compartment of fly-wheel's turning when starting a cluttered engine compartment in operation of the clutch lever
The role of the clutch which tells the motive power which is to the gearbox-unit and cuts it can describe.
A motive power from the gearbox of forward movement 3 speed, reverse first is communicated to the rear wheel when operating a shift lever.
The state can be understood.
When changing gears, with the change of the gear ratio, it is the rotative speed of the output board in the model rear.
However, because it changes, the operation and the structure can be easily understood.

The size and the weight: 440 x 120 x 360 mm
:The electric-source :100 V or 220V

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