Differential gear

■ The order number and the product name:
P041e-DFG  Differential gear

■ The product description:
The inner ring difference ( the difference with the number of rotations of the inside and the wheel outside ) causes a curve when bending, but while absorbing it, it divides the same torque from the source of power and the car tells Differential gear.
In other words, one engine output can be introduced by dividing it to two different revolutions.
The structure of Differential gear such as other tyre's turning the condition which suppressed either of the tyres on either side when cutting a handle in the condition to have installed in the stand can be seen.
The curve can be seen by removing from the stand, rolling a tyre actually in the top of a desk and distorting it on either side, too.

The size and the weight:   260x230x290 mm  10s

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