Practice instructional-aid list to bring up a mechanic

Engine Practical Work Bench
Cut-away Models
3D Models

Engine training equipment is
the teaching materials made in
order to use the engine of a
car, etc., to actually start, or
to actually perform
decomposition and an assembly
and to learn structure and a
function over details.
In the state where it was
carried in the real vehicle, it
became possible to decompose
easily and to deepen an
understanding more by putting
the portion which is hard to
decompose easily on an engine
stand etc.

The structure and the
function of each part article
are made easy for a cut model
to cut housings, such as an
engine of a real vehicle, etc.,
and to observe.
Since a cut side and important
parts are colored, it is
beautiful, and explanation can
be done simply.
Moreover, since the strong
steel stand with a caster is
attached to heavy loads, such
as an engine, movement is
Since the amount thing of
gravities is grounded on the
beautiful stand made from
Decola with same height, its
storing is easy.

They are three-dimensionalteaching materials which usebeautiful transparent acrylicmaterial.
It can see from which angle360 degrees by a small lightweight.
The model which is using themotor operates automatically.
Moreover, since LED etc. areincorporated, also visually,various states can bechecked.
Since it is three-dimensional,there is less difference withthe actual thing and degreeof comprehension alsodeepens.

Electrical Training Equipment
Aminated Wall Chart

It wires using an actual electric part etc., he sees the electric study of the car which cannot be seen by the eye which is hard to understand also especially in automotive engineering by the eye, and the role rate of each electric part and the electricity of a car are understood.

The credit figure which moves has two kinds, D type and K type.
K type of the big difference is 600x450 mm and half [ D type ] in the size of 900x650 mm of D models.
The colorful screen of silk screen printing with the beautiful surface and each part operate or interlock by the product made from a plastic.
Distance and a situation are made easy for D type to emphasize an important portion using a lamp, LED, etc. especially, or to understand.

ANIMECHA is the transparency to which it moves by the abbreviation for Animated Mechanism for overhead projectors.
Although the usual transparency (T/P) is a mylar sheet of 0.5 mm or less, ANIMECHA is made of a 2 mm ? 5 mm transparent acrylic resin.
A big interest is shown to a student in the colorful screen by which silk screen printing was carried out, and the screen which moves like animation.

Movie-Com CD-ROM
Teaching materials for students
Tecnical Field Teaching

Special Order

Animation CD-ROM movie Qom for teachers further upgraded!! This CD?ROM is the beautiful animation software manufactured by textbook conformity as an object for teachers.
It is CD?ROM software which unified teaching materials, such as the conventional transparency, a model, a cut model, video, and a credit figure.
The display of the character of explanation or a name, undisplayed, the velocity change of animation, and the display by top sending or stop can perform sufficient explanation for a student by choosing a menu screen with a mouse.
If a liquid crystal projector is connected and projected in a personal computer, it can display by a big screen.

The mechanism of a car also has a mechanism which is hard to understand even if it is listening to explanation.
Then, when a student actually operates the same thing as a teacher, degree of comprehension deepens more.
Since the teaching materials for students serve as small size, a light weight, and budget prices, it gives them one student at a time, a teacher explains them by Animeca etc., and a student actually operates them.
The said lesson is attained.
Since there is also a thing of an electric relation, it can be used for study of the directions for Testa, etc.

The video teaching materials of our company use CG (computer graphics) and a real vehicle image abundantly, and it has manufactured them.
Description is also intelligible and it excludes an introduction, too fine description, etc. as much as possible.   CG Cut model   It has manufactured centering on the real vehicle.
He is easy to understand also to automobile beginners, and the structure of a car can understand easily also to the more unfamiliar one to a machine.
Moreover, I have also heard the special ordered goods suitable for the purpose of using a visitor.