Torque converter with lockup

■ The order number and the product name:
P012e-LTR  Torque converter with the lockup

■ The product description:
It is the model to do a function like a torque converter of the real car and for the principle of the fluid-mass clutch to be able to be easily in using transparent material for a distributor-body confirmed.
Equipped with the lock-up system which raises a transmission efficiency in doing an input/output axis in the direct connection with the Clutch mechanical application in the area which doesn't need a gear operation about the torque converter ( motor-driven ) with the lockup
The body turns when the operation puts the switch of the electromotor of the non step gear and turns the knob of the speed regulation and the body and the pump impeller ( the red wing ) inside begin a revolution.
The revolution difference in each point can be at a glance understood because the digital meter displays entry number of rotations, output number of rotations.

The size and the weight:  100×280x350 mm     8s
Power supply : 220V or 100V

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