Auto car Mechanism of power-transmission simulator

■ The order number  and the product name:
V203-ATM  Auto car Mechanism of power-transmission simulator

■ The product description:
The four cylinder four cycle and the cluttered engine compartment ( it fires a control-base-plug with firing-order 1-2-4-3 ) operate when making a cranking-motor switch on in the one to explain the power-transmission-device of the auto car, the hydraulic-torque-convertor operates, operates a forward movement second gear speed, the planetary gear type gearbox-unit of recession single speed with the shift lever and the drum brake operates when stepping on the accelerator.
It is possible to do the explanation of the differential gear, too.

The size and the weight: 530 x 1100 x 650 mm   30 kg
The electric-source: 100VAC (The power can be changed.)

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