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List of transparent animation film for OHP

Vernier caliper Micrometer
Type and function of gears

Type and function of
belt transmission
4- bar linkage
Slider crank mechanism

Axis and bearing
Type and function of spring
Devising of  lever and a brake

Type and function of lever and
4 cycle engine
4 cycle engine

2 cycle engine Rotary engine
OHV engine

90 degree V-engine
Valve-open-close mechanism
Valve closing motion timing

Diesel engine
Automotive thermostat 2 barrel carbureter

Ignition advance mechanism
Point gap and dowel angle
Vacuum measurement

Ectronic fuel injection system
Vane pump
Trochoid pump

Gear pump
Internal / External  gear pump
Actuation of the plunger

Governor RSV Governor RSVD Governor RLD-K

Governor RBD Governor RQ
Governor RDA

Governor RDF
Distributor-type injection pump
Standard model type timer

Eccentric cam type timer
(dry single disk)

Synchromesh transmission
Inertia lock type transmission

Oil circuit RN3F01(AT)
Planetary gear (single)
Planetary gear (double)

One way clutch
Ackerman steering principal
Front wheel  alignment

Csntant-velocity joint
Differential gear mechanism
Power steering

Power steering(flapper valve)
Power steering (rack and pinion)
Reduction gear mechanism

Oil brake
Air brake system Brake booster

P valve G valve
Air servo master cylinderr
Brake Booster

Hydro master
Safety cylinder
Proportioning valve

Proportioning valve
with bypass valve
(limiting valve)
proportioning valbe
Oil pressure circuit

Three-phasefull wave bridge
rectifier circuit
Voltage regulator (using IC)

Ignitition system
Ignitition system(trangisterd) Starting system

Gear reduction starter Wiper moter circuit
Wiper linkage mecanism