Single cylinder 4 cycle  engine

■ The order number and the product name:
V021e-44E 4 cylinder 4 cycle  engine modeleElectrically

■ The product description:
It is the solid model of the four cylinder four cycle and the cluttered engine compartment.
This cluttered engine compartment model can observe the operation of the opening and shutting of the function valve of the contact-breaker-cam inside, the piston, the brake-bell-crank and so on from any angle of 360 degrees because of the one where a distributor-body brake shield, front part is made from transparent acrylic fiber.
The operation can do operation, a stoppage freely at one switch.
It gets to do the can to watch the status of each intercylinder brake shield, front part of which because this four cylinder four cycle and the cluttered engine compartment are the model which was composed as the multiple-cylinder-engine and a LED is installed in 1 cylinder for each at 4 journeys of the " inhalation " " compression " " explosion " " exhaust ".

The size and the weight: 340  x  360 x180mm  5 kg
The electric-source: 100 V( The power can be changed.)  Two double A batteries

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