List of power transmission

Automatic gear transmission
for desassemble, assemble (FR)
Automatic gear transmission
for desassemble, assemble (FF)
Continuously variable
transmission for desassemble,

Belt CVT cut-away model
Cut-away model
4 speed AT FR
Cut-away model
4 speed AT FF

Torque convertor
Single plate hydraulic clutch
Clutch and transmission

5 speed transmission and
dfferential gear
Differential and Rear-axle
( With  differential lock )

Hyhe hpoid differential
Torque converter
Torque converter with lockup
(moter drive)

Planetary gear
Planetary gear (3speed)   Planetary gear (3 speed)
with torque converter

Full-automatic planetary gear
Planetary gear (3 speed )
and Torque converter
with rockup
Planetary gear
for students

Clutch and transmition
Viscous coupling
Hook joint type
universal joint

Differential gear
Differential gear for students
Clutch /gear transmission

Planetary gear principle
Oil-hydraulic circuit with  
lockup type D (AT)
Clutch(dry single disk)

Synchromesh transmission
Inertia lock type transmission

Oil circuit RN3F01(AT)
Planetary gear (single)
Planetary gear (double)

One way clutch
Constant-velocity joint
Differential gear mechanism

Principle of planetary gear
4-speed automatic trasmition Automatic Trans-axle(CTV)

Clutch transmission Power transfer
and universal joint
Differential gear

Planetary gear for students
Differential gear for students