Distribution type injection pump sumilator (electric motor drive)

■ The order number and the product name:
S151e-DIP Distribution configuration injection pump ( The motordrive )

■ The product description:
It is the actuation mock-up to learn constructions and operational statuses such as the centrifugal-spark-advancer spring, the flyweight, the centrifugal-spark-advancer distance-sleeve, the tension lever, the centrifugal-spark-advancer beam chauffeur, the control distance-sleeve inside the distribution configuration injection pump ( the VE configuration ) with the fuel-system which is used for the small diesel engine.
In the one to have cut the distribution configuration injection pump of the real thing, the drive shaft can be understood with the adjustable speed electromotor and the construction and the movement of the centrifugal-spark-advancer can be at a glance understood at making drive.

The size and the weight:  550x300x400 mm  15 kg

Current source: 100VAC or 220V

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