Planetary gear model (3 speed)

■ The order number and the product name:
P021e-PG3 Planetary gear model (3 speed)

■ The product description:
It is the model of the automatic gearbox-unit ( the AT ) which is used for a lot of auto cars.
It is a Simpson type ( two sets of simple type planetary gears ) planetary gear unit.
The ( revolution, fixation ) rotation in normal direction, a rotation in opposite direction, an increase of value, a deceleration are done when giving two a condition among Saint gear, the internal gear, the planetary carrier.
A gear is done by this structure.
The gear of three stages of forward movements, the 1 reverse gear is possible using two sets of clutches, one set of band brakes for each, two sets of planetary gear units.

The size and the weight:   420x220x360 mm 4kg

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