Planetary gear model

■ The order number and the product name:
V061e-SPG  Planetary gear model

■ The product description:
It does a function like a planetary gear of the real car and it is possible to do explanation in the principle of the planetary gear.
Three kinds of gears, Saint gears which compose a planetary gear ( The yellow color )
The pinion gear ( The green )
It is the model which can be easily in classifying an internal gear ( the sea-color ) and using acrylic fiber material confirmed.
Having equipped with the panel which displays an operation explanation in the body front
It has been explained and while seeing an explanation display, the operation ( the deceleration, the increase of value, the rotation in opposite direction deceleration and the rotation in opposite direction increase of value ) by the combination ( the entry, the fixation and the output ) of three kinds of gears can do the explanation of the operating principle of the planetary gear.

The size and the weight:   315x280 x250 mm   6 kg

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