Distribution type injection pump

■ The order number and the product name:
P161e-VEP  Distribution type injection pump model

■ The product description:
This distribution type injection pump can understand the characteristic of the pump which is supplying a fuel to each barrel cylinder with one plunger at a glance.
A structure for the distributor and the heading and the explanation of the feature are made.
A distributor arm-head is composed of contact-breaker-cam disc, control distance-sleeve, distributor plunger barrel sleeve, plunger and so on.
The plunger of a press changes by the revolution or pressing and pulling a contact-breaker-cam disc.
The control distance-sleeve can control a fuel injection quantity by operating either side.
These operation can make the adjusting operation of the fuel injection quantity, the admission-stroke, the jet journey of the plunger, the it end of the jet, the equalization journey, the equal  explanation of it.

The size and the weight: 500 x 300×300mm  7s
The plunger diameter: 80 mm

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