Mechanism of  engine

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Mechanism of  engine
" DIGI-VIDEO " is the video CD-ROM instructional-aid which can be used in Windows PC.
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1. It provides the convenient faculty which is useful for the self-learning of the use and the student in the classes such as the full screen, the playback speed adjusting operation ( 0.5 - 2X ), the bookmark, the section repeat, the General Table of Contents jump in addition to the faculty of the control of the basic videos such as the playback, the stop, the halt and the slider.
2. The display and the hidden changing are possible optionally of the explanation by the image and the audio-communication circuit of the lecturer!!.
It is possible to do an education with the natural voice of the teacher, too, by not displaying the image audio-communication circuit of the lecturer and using the scenario of the attachment for the lecturer.
3. The identification test ( with the automatic grade faculty ) including that the intelligibility can be checked every unit!!
4. In the including time, with the character, if it does animation such as the display and it does a display by the center-of-gravity, it does DIGI-VIDEO by it, the going-out is fully-featured in about 20 minutes, the easy-to-understand explanation, the learning switch!!.
The content: The principle of the IC engine, the construction, the actuation of the cluttered engine compartment, the cycle, the multiple-cylinder-engine of the cluttered engine compartment
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Microsoft Windows 2000, me, xp, vista, 7


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