CAN communication system simulator

■ The order number and the product name:
S151e-CAN  CAN communication system simulator

■ The product description:
A lot of sensors, actuators with European Currency Unit and it such as the cluttered engine compartment exist at the vehicle in recent years, the communication volume of information of each European Currency Unit, too, is growing and in existing communications system, the electrical wiring assembly, too, becomes enormous.
It is CAN that improves general control and the communication-transfer-rate of the vehicle that volume of information was increased It is a system.
Each European Currency Unit It standardizes data, and it makes a digital signal and it shares information in each European Currency Unit.
At present, it is used with the whole vehicles such as the door, the seat in addition to the power-train type.
he size and the weight:  910 x 300x 1300 mm  30kg  

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