Lighting sysytem+Wiper system traning board

As for the left of a picture, before wiring, the right is an image after wiring.

The order number  and the product name:
S125e-TWS  Lighting system+Wiper system traning board

The product description:
It is the practice equipment which the student can make understand wiring bythe lighting-system and the wiper circuit by wiring using the code with the clipand so on in the light circuit and the wiper circuit of the car.
The head lamp, the tail lamp, the blinker lamp, the ignition switch, the combinationswitch, the blinker relay, the hazard switch, the fuse, the wiper motor, theterminal block of the real thing are set on the board.
Each of the lamps such as the head lamp light up when connecting with the 12 Vbattery ( available separately ) and operating a light control switch and the wiperoperates when putting a wiper switch.
The attachment: The instruction manual ( with the wiring diagram ), the red, thecode with the black clip, one set of battery codes.

The size and the weight: 1100x840x1600mm 30kg
Power supply :12VDC

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